Mercer Farming

Sustainability & Environment

Mercer Farming are concerned about impact of farming and our farming services on the environment and we make every effort to consider this in all of the work that we do. We also take part in environmental initiatives.

The 2006 Higher Level Scheme funded by Natural England has seen us develop 366ha of our land which is of great archaeological and ecological interest. The species rich grassland will gain full Organic status in 2008.

Native breed cattle are being introduced, and the flood plain has been re-wetted and some of the old ditches renovated to feed a series of flooded scrapes attracting breeding waders and providing food for growing chicks. An Otter holt was inhabited within two weeks of completion.


Our approach to sustainability is neither too conservative nor too radical. We believe we can act sustainably without jeopardising profits, using environmentally and socially sound practices. We believe that good farming can both feed the world and protect the environment, by securing our farm's long-term environmental economic and social futures. We aim to exceed the local standards, continually improve our practices, and be sensitive to the local environment and larger ecosystems of the region. We truly respect and value employees, consumers and local communities.

As part of our efforts to maintain sustainability we try to look at the long-term gains not just the temporary ones, Key to our successes in this are:

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