Mercer Farming

Mercer Farming Ltd - Farming Partnerships

We offer structured arrangements to suit the landowner; whether it is farm business tenancies, joint ventures, contract farming or whatever else may be suitable. It is your land; we can structure what you need. We have formed various farming arrangements with clients, ranging from straight farm business tenancies through to contract farming. These agreements offer the landowner;

The farms all retain their individual identity and are treated in sympathy with the environment. Careful attention is paid to the economics of production ensuring that there are sufficient resources to maintain and improve the infrastructure. This enables us to provide a good return for the landowner whilst earning enough to look after the land properly.

We always endeavour to farm in a manner that we are proud of. We offer sound practices supported by excellent professional advice where necessary but are very open minded and flexible in our approach. This enables us to develop a farming system around the wishes of the landlord and accommodate any other activities that occur on the estate. We can also offer administration services.


Mercer Creese Farming

Roger Mercer and Stephen Creese formed a farming partnership in 2008 to invest in the ownership and development of farms in Australia. The aim is to develop the land and environment to increase its suitability for farming, implement minimum tilage and other developments. They will mainly grow wheat, lupins, chick peas and canola.